My Research of Zyppah Anti-Snoring Device

I have tried a lot of anti-snoring solutions, and I honestly feel tired of it. It has always been a hit and miss kind of thing. I tried snoring pillows, snoring patches, snoring straps, and sprays but nothing worked as promised. I feel ripped off every time.

My daughter told me to try MAD or Mandibular Advancement Device, but owing to my high gag reflex, I did not muster enough interest to even research about it. I just resolved that I had enough of trying solutions that just did not work.

It was not until my wife got sick that I realized that I have to start my search and be open to solutions again. My wife was not having enough sleep that is why her immune system suffered. Good thing it was not serious, but still, we are aging every day, and I do not want to compromise our health.

It was the sofa or the floor for me until I find a lasting solution to get rid of my snoring. If you are asking, I already consulted my doctors, and they ruled out sleep apnea. It was really just the physical make-up. I got a floppy soft palate that is why I am prone to snoring. They recommended surgery, but I was not open to that option yet.

Then, the possibility of using mouth guards came up again. My doctor referred me to a dentist who specializes on MADs. I almost fainted on my chair when I learned that the price of that gadget could reach to a thousand dollars! I went out of the dentist clinic empty handed.

I was close to giving up, but my internet research led reading one Zyppah review that peeked my interest. It is a heaven-sent gift! It ticked a lot of checks on my list.

  • Affordable

Compared to prescription MADs, this device is way more affordable. It is only $99.00! It even comes with a 90-day full refund if I am not satisfied.

  • Customizable

The device has a boil-and-bite feature that will allow users to imprint their dental marks on the instrument. This way, the device will be custom-fit to your bite.

  • Easy to Use

Just snap it in your mouth and soak the morning after. It is that simple.

It might feel sore in the first few days after using, but it will be gone as soon as you get used to it. I am a happy user of this product, and I am sure a lot of people will benefit from this. My wife and I have never shared a room with much peace and relaxation.

Hope you can try it to see the benefits. There is a 90-day money back guarantee, so it is almost risk-free to try.